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Custom Manufacturing by Amuneal: Lighting


Custom Hand-blown Glass Chandelier for Barney's Dallas

Client: Barneys New York

Design: Jeffrey Hutchinson Associates

Location: Dallas, Texas

For this flagship location in Dallas, Jeffrey Hutchinson Architects wanted to create a truly unique luxury shopping experience. The architect asked us to use our experience in the world of glassblowing (Adam Kamens, CEO of Amuneal, has been blowing glass since he was 12 years old!) to help them realize a one-of-a-kind series of light fixtures. Each fixture is comprised of 81 hand-blown rondelles. The custom armature is made of mirror polished stainless and supports the rondelles through a series of 6 spoke-like planes upon which which the plates are mounted. 

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Reunion Tower Chandelier

Client: Woodbine Development

Design: Gensler Architects

Location: Dallas, TX

This 3-story tall chandelier was designed as the feature element for the space that connects the top three levels of Dallas' Reunion Tower. The space itself has an industrial pragmatism with exposed conduit and mechanical services. To honor the space, the chandelier was fabricated from aluminum conduit with expressed connections. To to provide an unexpected level of refinement, each of the frosted acrylic lenses was custom machined to create a seamless transition between the conduit and the illuminated lenses. This 40' long feature was fabricated with nearly 100 individual branches, each with its own single-point LED and custom fabricated acrylic lens. The end of each branch was bent with a radius to create a visual lightness and to create a more dynamic feature that changes form as the viewer moves along the staircases.

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Residential Drop Light

Client: Private Resident

Design: Amuneal Manufacturing

Location: Philadelphia, PA

For this custom residential project, the client wanted a chandelier that would help accent the openness of the architecture. This brass and acrylic fixture extends all the way from the custom canopy, through the floor , and terminates on the floor below. The acrylic is machined out of solid material and glows from the light of a single point LED hidden in the brass body of the drop. 

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Ace Hotel Custom Lighting 

Client: Roman & Williams

Design: Roman & Williams

Location: New York, New York

Inspired by a 1930s Parisian blown glass exit sign, Roman + Williams designed these sconces to be both corridor lighting and room signage for the new Ace Hotel in New York City. Unable to find a source for the lighting that would work within their budget, they asked us to find an approach that would maintain their intent but significantly reduce the costs. Drawing on our background and experience in blown glass and mold design, we developed a method to produce this triangulated form that greatly reduced the complexity of the process and helped to bring the costs down to work within their budget. In the end, we delivered nearly 350, UL labeled light fixtures, individually numbered for each room.

Each of the four chandeliers is a focal point in the industrial inspired lobby-lounge of the hotel. The structure and light fixture itself is fabricated from hot rolled steel, plumbing fittings, and custom machined components. Suspended in the 30” diameter ring is a 1.25”-thick cast glass lens weighing over 100 lbs. Each lens was custom cast to a slight honey hue with small, entrapped air inclusions. Placing several decommissioned telescope lenses on the cast glass surface further enhanced the chandeliers’ optics. These optical lenses, both convex and concave, help to refract the light with unexpected and intriguing effect.

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Amuneal Standard Lighting 

Client: Amuneal Manufacturing

Design: Amuneal Manufacturing

Location: Multiple Locations

As Amuneal develops its ever expanding manufacturing vocabulary, we are always interested in new processes, new ideas, and new ways of incorporating them into design. Whether it's kiln-cast glass...a process of taking chucks of broken glass and melting them into molds resulting in exotic textures and surfaces. Or using our brand new gantry mill to transform simple bass tubes into carved chandeliers with what appears to be hand-whittled surfaces. 

These fixtures are examples of pieces that we made for our Lighting Invitational at American Street Showroom. For more information on the show, Click Here.

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