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Custom Manufacturing by Amuneal: Art & Feature Installations

Capital One Sculpture

Client: Capital One

Design: Gensler Architects

Location: New York, New York

"Located at Capital One in New York, the piece is comprised of 14,000 pounds of steel. Over 2,000 square feet of the material was machined into individual pieces that were then welded together to create the fluid piece. Naturally, Amuneal collaborated closely with the sculpture's designer Gensler, who had to reinforce the terrazzo flooring to ensure the sculpture’s weight was evenly distributed. In fact, the piece only touches the floor at two points, giving it a surreal sense of weightlessness." -Pei Ruh Keh of Wallpaper Magazine

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Gunster Fin Wall

Client: Amicon Construction

Design: RTKL Associates

Location: Miami, Florida

Made from 42 one-inch thick aluminum plates, this feature wall is the first thing that greets clients of this high-end law firm. Each unique pice was cut to size and hand-finished to give it a soft, satin surface. 

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W Hotel Screens

Client:   The W Hotel

Design: Structure Tone

Location: New York, New York

Working directly with the W Hotel's design team, we developed these decorative screen walls and operable doors for their luxury suites. The dynamic pattern was laser-cut from steel before being powder-coated. For privacy, a layer of obscured glass was added to the pivot doors leading to the bedroom.

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Mikyoung Kim- Horizon 

Client:   Mikyoung Kim

Design: Mikyoung Kim

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

This permanent installation in Providence, RI marks our third collaboration with the artist and landscape architect, Mikyoung Kim. The challenge was to build a 120' long sculpture robust enough to withstand environmental conditions, but with the grace and character of the artist's original paper maquette. Using a digital model, we laid out points for each bend, so that the would radiate across the length of the surface, dictating the final form of the sculpture. The new processes we developed for this project enabled us to make 5,000 lbs of stainless steel appear both strong and fluid. Each of the 26 panels were formed using a special gauging system to ensure alignment from panel to panel before being welded together with an integral rib structure.

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Hyatt Washington D.C. 

Client: Beletz Brothers Glass

Design: Tony Chi & Associates & Amanda Weil Studio

Location: Washington, DC

As a feature for the main public spaces of this high-end property, Amuneal worked with our client and the designer to engineer, fabricate and install several dramatic architectural elements. Each element combined specialty materials, expert craftsmanship and a highly engineered approach to ensure the clean, crisp minimal details essential to the Designer’s vision. The dynamic 12" tall glass art cubes feature base structures of ½'”-inch thick mirror polished stainless steel with an integral support structure that bolsters each of the 300 lb. panels. The base structure was fabricated from individual stainless steel plates weighing up to 1,000 lbs. a piece. Each corner was machined with a 45-degree miter to provide a clean, tight seaming detail during installation. Each box incorporated a 12’ tall operable glass door and mirror-polished stainless floor and ceiling structures.

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Sarah Sze-Still Life with Landscape: 

Client: Sarah Sze

Design: Sarah Sze

Location: New York, New York

When presented the opportunity for another collaboration with Sarah Sze, we jumped at the chance... knowing it was going to be installed on NYC's High Line was just a bonus. The challenge was that the actual design, materials and scale of the sculpture were undefined. In order to provide total creative freedom to the artist, we abandoned our traditional upfront engineering. We moved our fabricators, welding rigs and equipment into Sze's NYC studio, so the piece could develop in a more fluid manner. Two structures, roughly 20' long, required thousands of individual pieces of mirror polished stainless steel, with uniquely welded connections to create the form.  Once the structures were created, a variety of laser-cut and welded bird houses, seed trays and watering features transformed the sculpture into a home for the winged residents of the High Line. 

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Flower Booth

Client: Amuneal Manufacturing Corp

Design: Amuneal Manufacturing Corp

Location: New York, Chicago

Trade shows are difficult even under the best circumstances. Each year we are challenged to design an environment that personifies what we do and who we are as a brand. In 2010, we were inspired to create a display that went against the traditional doubts of the day brought on by the deep economic uncertainty around us. We wanted this installation to showcase manufacturing as fresh and hand-worked, a blending of art and technology. In other words, the kind of manufacturing that inspires us!! To make our point, our engineers and fabricators collaborated to design simple tooling to manipulate a series of laser-cut layers of steel into a bouquet of over 1000 large-scale one-of-a-kind flowers. The final installation, at 20' wide by 30' long, was an impressive and uplifting commentary on the state of manufacturing's potential and the power of the collaborative spirit. 

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Mikyoung Kim-Barcode Luminescence

Client: Mikyoung Kim

Design: Mikyoung Kim

Location: Toms River, New Jersey

Oftentimes our most important role in a project is to listen to the needs of our client. In working with Mikyoung Kim, we were able to clearly understand her vision and we were encouraged to bring our deep knowledge of materials and fabrication processes to inform the outcome of the project. The thoughtful evolution of a design is a natural part of the design process and one that we believe in protecting. The sculptures were originally envisioned in wire mesh. Several rounds of samples, mock-ups, and studies later, we landed on a custom laser-cut pattern and a seamless construction that delivered upon her original vision in an unexpected way. Designed for this location, the artist's inspiration for this project stemmed from her belief that the search for knowledge comes together at a core that can be realized through the role of a library and the breadth of knowledge and information that they contain. Each sculpture was fabricated from laser-cut stainless steel with a hand-applied non-directional finish. All seams were fully welded and ground to create a sharp, seamless appearance. The sculptures are wrapped, inside and out, with a blackened stainless steel ribbon adding to the visual complexity of the units.

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Sara Sze- Egress

Client: Sarah Sze

Design: Sarah Sze

Location: Washington, DC + London, England + Cambridge, Massachusetts


Amuneal worked with the artist Sarah Sze to build a series of multi-story art installations incorporating small-scale fire escapes, stairs, and ladders. Amuneal engineered the components as laser cut sections that were welded together to create each unique assembly. These pieces were then joined into clusters under the direction of the artist before being powder coated and installed to their final locations.

To support the artist’s exhibition in London’s Serpentine Gallery, we fabricated over 100 individual elements to work within this unusual space. Once fabricated, the units were shipped to England and met by Amuneal personnel who assisted with the installation. For the six-story tall Cambridge Massachusetts installation, the sculpture incorporated interior and exterior components to appear as though it were weaving inside and outside of the building. To accommodate the environmental conditions, the exterior units for this installation were fabricated from aluminum rather than steel. One of the most complex installations in this series, Washington, DC, the sculpture measured  nearly seven stories high. The sheer magnitude of this installation required that thousands of individual components be welded together to create more than 200 individual architectural elements. Starting on the ground and climbing to the top of the space, these groups of clusters were connected to one another and supported by the building’s structure.

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Barney's- Smoke Evacuation System

Client: Barney's New York

Design: Jeffrey Hutchinson + Associates

Location: Chicago, Illinois

This feature, designed as a smoke evacuation grill, was originally removed from the scope of the project due to cost. The architect and Barneys contacted Amuneal with a unique challenge — develop an approach to reduce the costs by 50% without compromising their vision. By exploring the best materials, geometry, fabrication approach, and installation strategy, we were able to deliver a feature that met their budget and remained true to the original design intent. Approximately 30’ x 25’, this ceiling grill hangs five stories above the main stair and has a compound mitered geometry that is coordinated with the layout of the store’s curtain wall. Fabricated from extruded aluminum, perforated sheet, and a custom laser cut pattern, the feature was comprised of 22 unique sub-assemblies. To ensure a perfect installation, we fabricated the unit in our shop, suspended from the ceiling. This not only allowed us to inspect the quality of our work but it allowed our customers to view the unit at Amuneal before sending it into the field.

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Mikyoung Kim- Exhale

Client: Mikyoung Kim

Design: Mikyoung Kim

Location: Chapel Hill, NC

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Reunion Tower

Client: Woodbine Development

Design: Gensler & Amuneal Manufacturing Corp.

Location: Dallas, Texas

This dynamic 40’ diameter wall feature was designed as part of the recent renovation to Dallas’ Reunion Tower. This project reflects a balance of precision engineering, artistic sensibility and exacting craftsmanship-- all supported, encouraged and celebrated by both the designer and the client. Inspired by the building’s geodesic dome, we fabricated nearly 1000 pyramids in 3 different sizes to compose both positive and negative spaces across the surface of the installation. An internal LED system allowed lighting to become an integral part of the composition, outlining the forms of each pyramid through engineered penetrations between each geometric plane. Playing with that same geometry, the ceiling in the upstairs lounge is covered in "clouds" of triangular studded forms that encapsulate special LED screens which display a series of ever-changing images and animations. 

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Virgil Marti

Client: The Mural Arts Program

Design: Virgil Marti

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Best known for investigating the language of interior space and decor, Philadelphia artist Virgil Marti explored new territory with his public sculpture Five Standards (Dazzle). The sculpture is Marti’s first large-scale, permanent outdoor work.

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Hanger Horse- Barneys Las Vegas

Client: Barneys New York

Design: Terrence Glower

Location: Dallas, Texas + New York, New York + Las Vegas, Nevada

The initial phone call was short and to the point, “… if we send you 1,000 hangers, do you think that you can build a 12’ tall horse?” In an instant, we gave our reply and we began our collaboration with Barneys and the artist Terrence Glower to fabricate three of these award-winning sculptures. Unlike many of our projects, these sculptures were not highly engineered. Instead, we worked directly from the artist’s models and combined advanced fabrication techniques with an artisan approach, individually shaping each hanger. Once formed, the hangers were welded together at thousands of intersections before being polished and finished in nickel. In addition to capturing the proportion and the volume of each sculpture, the artist had designed a particular geometry that needed to be followed for the orientation of each hanger. This orientation provided a clear, visual logic for our team to follow in the assembly of each unit.

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Sarah Sze- Corner Plot: A Mixed Media Installation

Client: Public Art Fund

Design: Sarah Sze

Location: New York, New York

For this installation, Amuneal teamed with the artist to engineer, fabricate, and install her ambitious sculpture — a commission by the Public Art Fund at the entrance of New York City’s Central Park. The 10’ tall creation, fabricated from aluminum, wood, brick and glass references a true-to-life section of a New York City apartment building. Buried more than five feet underground, the viewer is afforded an unexpected view of the artists’ subterranean installation seen through the windows of the sculpture. Transported in four pieces, the sculpture was assembled on site and final adjustments were made to its interior composition. Once fully assembled, the entire 3,000 pound structure was hoisted above Central Park and lowered into a 5’ deep by 12’ long excavated pit. The lower portion of the unit was then covered with earth and the concrete pavers were reinstalled. The interior installation was illuminated through a series of LED lights that were powered during the day by a series of car batteries concealed in the parapet of sculpture. The batteries were recharged each evening by power drawn from a nearby lamppost. In addition to the hundreds of individual elements composed by the artist, a DC lighting system, dehumidifying system, and series of fans were also integral to the sculpture. Amuneal worked with the Artist’s drawings and produced 3D engineered models allowing us to create a structural aluminum framework, fiberglass moisture barrier, and brick and mortar façade to protect the artwork from the elements both above and below ground.

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World Trade Center 7

Client: S.O.M.

Design: S.O.M.

Location: New York, New York

This project marked the first interior space completed at the World Trade Center (WTC) site after the September 2001 attacks. The client wanted an innovative salesroom for its 52-story speculative tower that would blend design with technology to help potential tenants envision the area’s vibrant future. The futuristic complex curved walls are made from 2 layers of perforated aluminum and dance through the space like a ribbon. 

Perforated and painted white, these custom-fabricated screens transmit light throughout the space while creating privacy throughout the space and in some cases, transforming into desks.  


2006Project of the Year: Award of Merit: New York Construction

2006Best of Year: Project in Innovation: Interior Design

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Tomas Saraceno- Pollux

Client: Thomas Saraceno

Design: Thomas Saraceno

Location: Private Collection

When this NYC gallery contacted us, we had already had several successful collaborations with one of their artists. This time, the gallery wanted to know if we would be interested in working with a German-based artist for a U.S. exhibition, opening in four weeks. We quickly reviewed the design intent of the sculpture and began to work through a refinement process. The complex geometry of the dodecahedron required that each element of the sculpture be fully digitally modeled prior to fabrication. Starting with mirror-polished stainless steel, we laser-cut, formed and welded each node and each straight length. Finally, we welded these components together to create the individual faces of this 12' tall x 12' wide sculpture. Though the sculpture was originally designed with visible fasteners on each face, we offered an option for a completely seamless construction with uninterrupted lines, and produced a full-scale sample for the artist's review.

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Colombiere Jesuit Center

Client: Plano Coudon

Design: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

This project offered us the perfect opportunity to blend past art projects with large scale installations. Based on an inspiration of abstracted trees, this installation was compromised of 10 large planar trees that soared 30+ feet to create a canopy within the architecture of the chapel. Crafted structure of patinated blackened steel and perforated wood panels, these individual elements became intertwined to create a graphic and dynamic architectural feature that also provided acoustical benefits to the space. The project tapped into a wide range of our capabilities, including 3D modeling, large-scale fabrication and on-site installation. Crafted structure of patinated blackened steel and perforated wood panels, these individual elements became intertwined to create a graphic and dynamic architectural feature that also provided acoustical benefits to the space.

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